Decking the Halls

Christmas Ornaments & Other Tree Trimmings

November 26, 2018 , , Melissa Paul

Decking the Halls

At Shop Evantine, we’ve been busy decking the halls (and walls, shelves, and trees) with festive ornaments and tree trimmings. Now that Thanksgiving is over, we suspect you might need to do the same?

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Ready, Set, Decorate!

Well, if you’re ready to add a touch of Christmas spirit to your home, why not start with our stunning collection of holiday ornaments and cheerful accessories?¬†From oversized ornaments and sparkling baubles to festive foliage and Christmas adornments, our decorative touches will dress up your holiday tree.

Making a List (of Holiday Decor!)

Here’s JUST a taste of our holiday ornaments and festive decor collections, available while supplies last:

Star Cluster Ball White $16.50
Glitter Stardust White $11.50
Berry Ball Red $6.00
Snow Jute Ball $8.00
Glitter Berry Spray $3.00
Iced Berry $8.00
Glitter Peacock Spray Red $2.50
Beaded Lace Ball $9.50
Velvet Magnolia Red $10.50
Hanging Berry $12.00
Rhinestone Drop $3.00
Magnolia Bundle $30.00
Vineyard Leaf $11.007
Wire Glitter Finial $28.50
Wire Glitter Finial $44.00
Sh/Glt Circle Ball Apple Green $36.00
Sequin Flake Ball R/W/G $9.00
Sequin Flake Ball R/W/G $41.00
Small Bead Ball G/G/Slv $32.00
Mini Starburst Ball Apple Green $9.00
Rhinestone Ball Apple Green $9.00
Kalanchoe Red $21.00

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… And So Much More!

Perhaps it’s best if you POP IN to our store to see how our holiday decorations, Christmas ornaments, and other seasonal decorations glitter and glow?! You might even find a few potted Amaryllis Plants, Orchids, or bouquets of joyful flowers to take home. Or, a black marble frame or home fragrance diffuser, maybe a package of delicious salted chocolate-covered caramels? Need we go on…???

Happy Holidays and Let Us Help You Enjoy the Season!

Shop Evantine is located at 715 Walnut Street, Washington Square West, in Center City Philadelphia. We are open Monday through Saturday 11:00 am-7:00 pm, 215-790-2576.