FASHION: Rachel Galley, Jewelery Designer

November 6, 2009 , , Evantine Design
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We are extremely proud to announce that Rachel Galley’s wonderfully modern jewelry is NOW AVAILABLE at our boutique, EVANTINE at The Rittenhouse!  

If you’re not familiar with this 27-year old British jewelry designer, come in and take a look!  Rachel’s various jewelry collections are stylish, interactive and fun to wear, often containing a mystery within, making them unique and individual to the wearer.  They celebrate a special time in one’s life and make an original gift, holiday present or keepsake.

Rachel draws her inspiration from intricate carved wood, bronze historic treasures, architecture, engineering, natural textures and objects found in our daily lives.   Rachel adds her own innovative twist with hidden compartments or containers, enabling the wearer to interact with their jewelery and adds bespoke, handmade fittings and clasps to give each piece her own signature finish.

Available in Philadelphia, exclusively at Evantine, The Boutique, located at 210 West Rittenhouse Square, Lobby Level.  215.790.2576.  But please see below for more photos of Rachel Galley’s gorgeous jewelry. 

Her “Memento” collection is based on the concept of hidden treasures – these exquisite pieces are as memorable for their beauty as they are for the secrets they contain.  The “Memento Globe” features Rachel’s signature lattice spheres and contemporary lockets, which can be personalised by adding personal keepsakes year after year or choosing special birth or anniversary stones to be held within. 

Globe Bracelets

Multi-Globe Pendant Necklace

Globe Locket Ring

Globe Hoop Earrings

A talented artist we are just THRILLED to have at Evantine!  please, come in, her pieces won’t be here very long…