Get to Know Our Event Stylist & Coordinator, Paige Dietz

November 8, 2016 , , Evantine Design

Before joining Evantine Design, Paige Dietz lived in New York City while she attended LIM College, studying for her BA in Fashion Marketing. While in New York, her love for fashion expanded from a passion into a career. While attending college, she interned for the luxury retailer, Bergdorf Goodman, and the Council of Fashion Designers of AmericaPaige’s interest in planning events piqued during her internship at the CFDA, where she worked alongside the Communications and Social Media managers assisting in the planning of the 32nd Annual CFDA Awards. Upon her return to Philadelphia, Paige decided to combine her love for fashion with her passion for parties.

We invite you to get to know a little more about Event Stylist and Coordinator, Paige Dietz below:

What do you do at Evantine Design?

As the Event Stylist, I’m part of the event planning team at Evantine, specifically working with clients on the finer details of their party. From gown shopping to men’s suiting and every detail in between that helps bring each detail of the wedding plan or event design to life. And, of course, I assist the team on whatever event coordination is required to manage the party as it happens.

Where did you grow up? 

I’m proud to say I was born and raised in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania! I love this part of the Philadelphia suburbs as it’s still close to the city but somehow, with charming towns like Abington next door, it feels like Main Street too. The perfect balance.

What is your favorite type of event to work on? 

Weddings! I love seeing the bride’s face when she first walks into the room and gets to see how her dream vision came to life. And, I get excited to see all the gorgeous gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses (of course!). A fashionista’s fantasy job…

Is there an up-and-coming fashion designer that rocks your world?

When I discovered Hayley Paige wedding dresses I lost my mind! They’re absolutely gorgeous (and I also like her name)! There are many fashion designers out there in the bridal market that may offer incredible collections, but it is inspiring to see new designers from around the world really strike a nerve. Like Inbal Dror from Tel Aviv, for instance. Today’s brides can really find something that suits their unique style and personality. But for everyday/work fashion, I personally love Cinq à Sept because it is French-inspired, very pretty and extremely practical.

Do you have any charitable causes that you support or participate in?   

Absolutely! Philly Fights Cancer, I’m co-chair for the Young Friends committee and it’s a cause that strikes a cord.

Professionally, what are you most enthusiastic about?

Having a successful event planning career and never getting bored or losing my drive to be the best I can be! Color me DETERMINED and COMMITTED!

Okay, we will! And personally, what are you most passionate about?

Food! I love to cook, bake and EAT! But I am also really passionate about being a good friend and overall kind person. I believe what you give is what you get.

What three words would you like to hear your friends use when describing you?

Loyal, funny, crazy (the good kind, of course!)

What three words would you like your clients to use when describing you?

Enthusiastic, hardworking and heartfelt.

When you’re not working we can find you…?

In the summer, at my family’s shore house in Margate, New Jersey. But during the winter you will more than likely catch me baking or cooking, and wondering why my parents decided to live in a state that gets below 60 degrees?! Brrrr. But working in the warm kitchen does wonders for my spirits!

If you weren’t an Event Stylist & Coordinator at Evantine Design, what else would you be doing?

My dream job was always to be a veterinarian but once I found out how much schooling that required I decided that wasn’t the best route for me. Instead, my love of fashion, events and party planning is where my focus is now.

If you had a guilty pleasure, or two or three, what would they be?

Anything sweet! Cookies, cake, brownies, candy, chocolate, I love it all. Total sweet tooth! In fact, as I love to bake, I make delicious dark chocolate brownies! They’re super addicting and dangerous to have in the house so I make sure to give them all away!

Do you have a favorite place to go shopping?

Neiman Marcus – of course!

What can’t you live without?

MY DOG! I have Marley (12 years old), a Weimaraner/German Short-haired Pointer mix. I’m kind of obsessed with him. Okay, maybe not just kind of obsessed with but TOTALLY in love with! He’s my baby and I pour all of my love for animals into him!

If we peeked inside your bag, what would we find?

Dark Chocolate, 6 different nude lip glosses and Ray-Ban sunglasses. I have another little obsession there, as I have at least 50 pairs of different sunglasses.

Do you have a favorite hangout spot in Philadelphia or the Philly Burbs?

There’s this cute café by me in the burbs called Be Well Bakery & Cafe that has the best sweets, coffee and breakfast. I go there all the time. In Center City Philadelphia, I love Pub & Kitchen as my go-to neighborhood hangout. I often dream about their delicious burgers paired with a glass of red wine. In fact, that sounds good right about now…

Thanks Paige!

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