Kye Williams

Bridal Stylist and Wedding Dresser

“All I want to do is style brides, assisting them in discovering their personal style and how they want to express it on their wedding day,” says Kye Williams. “It’s an exciting, happy time and shouldn’t be filled with stress!”

Fashion, particularly luxury bridal fashion, is a specialty and passion for Kye. It’s no wonder that she’s been a personal stylist, fashion consultant, and wedding dresser for almost twenty years. She loves it! Particularly when Kye can assist with gown selection, accessory styling, and pulling it all together seamlessly on the wedding day.

She began her bridal fashion career working under the legendary Suky Rosan at Suky’s upscale bridal salon on the Main Line. A stickler for elegant customer service and fashion industry knowledge, Suky Rosan trained her staff to bring out the best in them. Kye was her star performer and customer favorite.  

Since 2005, Kye has been dressing Evantine brides on the day of their wedding. Usually, for 12 hours straight, while wearing her signature five inch heels! Just think of her as MacGyver in Louboutins. With a desire to provide every bride with an exceptional, stress-free wedding day experience, Kye assists each with warm, calm, problem-solving support right up until the party ends. Not surprisingly, she develops long-lasting, trusting relationships with her clients and continues to style them long after they return from their honeymoon.