Meet Robert Canada, Executive Producer with Evantine Design

February 20, 2017 , , Evantine Design

Trusted by Philadelphia’s most sophisticated party hosts, Robert Canada’s five-star communication and organizational skills keep him several steps ahead of our clients’ needs during the event planning process. Drawing on his extensive experience producing complex events from the coast to coast, and everywhere in between, Robert is the consummate event professional. He moves with ease between planning menus and negotiating contracts, to stage management and talent coordination. The more complicated an event design, the better seems to be his motto as no one loves a challenge more than Robert. It’s a disease, really. But we love him for it.

Robert, can you share with us some silly or interesting event or title that was given to you in your early years on the planet?

Spelling Bee Champion: In grade school they give you the option of entering the spelling bee during a normal class period. I thought, hey… this MUST be better than being in class. I won.  

What are you known for professionally?

I’m not clear on what I’m KNOWN for, but I’m in the business of getting things done and doing it right… the first time. Efficiency and accuracy are my two favorite words.

What three words would you like to hear your friends use when describing you?

I suppose I would like to hear my friends use the words “sympathetic”, “balanced”, and “congenial”.  Any real friend of mine would likely use a variety of antonyms to describe me.

What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients and co-workers?

I am always willing to make decisions in order to move most any process forward and get the job done. Even if those decisions are challenging or painful. I face them and move on.

Before you started working at Evantine Design, what were you doing? 

I was an event producer, planner, designer, chef, and venue manager. 

When you’re not working around the clock, where can we find you?

Shopping for random ingredients to satisfy my latest craving. 

Guess we should ask the basic, where did you grow up?

In the Midwest and I left there to find a few sane people in the world. I’m still searching. 

Let us know when you find some. Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure? 

Macaroni salad. Seriously. 

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Clearly, there’s a story behind that guilty pleasure. On safer ground, can you share your favorite kind/type of event to produce?

The larger and more complicated the better. I get bored easily.

What can’t you live without?

Oh, come on, of course my phone, computer, and then, pickles. Yeah, pickles. Another story for another time.

If you weren’t working at Evantine, you would be… where? Doing what? And please, keep it clean.

LOL. You know me well. I would be on a beach somewhere. With a large container of macaroni salad and sipping a pretty cocktail with an umbrella in it.

What is your favorite hangout spot in Philadelphia? 

If there is good food and a nice vibe, I’m happy with just about anywhere.

This could be dangerous to ask, but what might we be surprised to learn about you? 

Ha! That I do not like chocolate. Ew. 

That’s all? Okay, so what advice would you give to your 23-year-old self?

The grass is only greener on the other side because you’re not taking care of your own. Oh, and buy Apple stock. Lots of Apple stock. Maybe some Google.

Thanks Robert. As usual, you did not disappoint. To speak with Robert about planning  your next event, give him a shout at