Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 1, 2017 , , Evantine Design

Okay, let’s be real here.

We all know Evantine Design is known for crazy, beautiful flowers. So, of course, our top gift idea for what to get Mom for Mother’s Day on May 14th is a bouquet of beautiful blooms. Seasonal flowers in every color, shape, and texture are available to order. Fresh flowers like hydrangea, lilac, tulips, peonies, roses, orchids, goodness, who knows what beauty is lurking in our bottomless floral cooler?

Fresh Flowers Philadelphia Florists Evantine Design Mothers Day

All you have to do is call, or, if you have the time, pop in and pick exactly what you know your mom will love. You can also have us wrap up one of the following thoughtful gift ideas instead. Or, hey now, why not shower your mom with all kinds of love, give her flowers AND a pretty keepsake!

Points for you. Happiness for her.

European Linen Bathrobes Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Her Evantine Design

To be a mother means you are on duty 24/7. Your biggest luxury? Time. Specifically, time to yourself. So why not give your mother, no matter what age she is, a bathrobe to curl up in in those rare quiet moments? We’ve got her covered, literally, with a 100% European washed linen bath robe from Dr. Flax.

Organic, soft, and completely decadent.

Zodax picture frames for photographs evantine design fine gift shops philly

Frames are still a thing.

Instagram and Facebook aside, trust us, we know your mom’s still showing off her sweet babies all over the house and office the old-fashioned way. Why not help her show you off in style? We have gorgeous frames from Zodax in abalone tiles, metal-embellish ceramic, and polished wood.

Scented Candles for Mother's Day Gifts Evantine Design Philly Gift Stores

Creating atmosphere, peace, and tranquility.

Don’t know about your mom, but our mothers’ sure love a sweet smelling home. Nothing can change a mood faster! (that and someone else cooking dinner!) Our collection of scented candles and home diffusers from Seda France are a popular choice for their delicate, long-lasting fragrance. Our favorite Seda scent of the moment? French Tulip. We just get a whiff and immediately smell Paris in the Springtime! Hopefully, your mom will too.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Jewelry Box and Trinket Trays

And since keepsakes and everyday charms deserve a special place, why not give the mother in your life a lovely marble trinket tray or jewelry box from Michael Aram? Individually or as a set, they’ll turn her nightstand or vanity table into a cherished spot for all those fine gifts you’ve already given her. Because Mom is everything to us, right?

There you have it, a few of our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Just the tip of the iceberg as our retail boutique is chock FULL of amazing gifts guaranteed to make your mom smile.

Now, it’s up to you. #ShopEvantine on the Square for Mother’s Day.

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