Smart & Elegant RFID-Blocking Wallets, Gifts for Him

November 10, 2017 , , Evantine Design

The holiday shopping season is ramping up at our retail boutique on Washington Square!

Some of the first, and frankly, FABULOUS products that have hit our shelves are these elegant RFID-Blocking wallets from the Norwegian company, Exentri. They come in a wide range of colors and textures including Purple Haze, Nubuck Brown, Blue, Cognac, and Red. We’re thinking these wallets make great gifts for every reason, but if it helps, think of them as a great holiday gift for your dad or maybe as cool groomsmen’s gifts for your wedding.

Here’s why we all need an RFID-Blocking wallet…

For those of you not familiar with the RFID-Blocking reference, and why that is something to have in your wallet, it has to do with security. As you know, credit card numbers should be protected at all costs. Of course, we’d never give them out to a stranger because credit card fraud and stolen identities are a nightmare! But sadly, what happens now is someone doesn’t need to get their hands on your card, they can simply stand next to you and get your account number. Sounds ridiculous, right? But it’s possible when we all carry the required smart credit cards with RFID chips embedded within them. “Chip Cards” allow us to make payments just by touching the card to a scanner rather than swiping across or inserting the credit card into a terminal. It’s called “contact-less payments” and they are wonderfully convenient when we’re rushing out of Starbucks. However, a nasty person can walk up and scan your wallet as it sits in your back pocket. On the bus, in the subway, standing in line, all without you knowing it’s happening.

That’s where these lovely little RFID-Blocking Wallets from Exentri step in and save the day!!!

RFID-Blocking works like this…

Many people have been worried about RFID chips, and not just in the context of credit cards. All American passports issued starting in 2006 have these chips that track your photo and personal information. Metro and other transit cards have RFID chips for quick swiping. Even our pets are implanted with RFID chips for GPS and ownership tracking.  They are extremely useful, they really are… but they work by using radio waves to communicate.  Which means, a bad person just needs a receiver to catch your radio waves and there goes your identity or cash! But the good news is that same radio signal can be blocked! Woo hoo! and that’s how an RFID-blocking wallet works, by encasing your credit cards in a material that interferes with radio waves. All electromagnetic fields are blocked and no communication between your cards and RFID scanners is permitted. That is, UNLESS you take your card out of your wallet.

Now, how many wallets can we wrap up for you?

These sophisticated wallets from Exentri are just $65.00 bucks and make for one amazingly, thoughtful holiday gift for every guy in your life. Interested? Come take a look or give us a call at 215-790-2576. #ShopEvantine at 715 Walnut Street, Center City Philadelphia on Washington Square West.

 And stay tuned for more gift ideas, we’ve got boxes and boxes of wonderful products coming in every day!