TASTE: Our Kind of Cheese “Cake”

July 19, 2013 , , Evantine Design
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wedding-cheese-cake-tasha seccombe

Making a “cake” out of whole cheeses or cheese wheels is a trendy alternative to the traditional tiered wedding cake. Even though we love the amazing confectionery cakes that we regularly see from some of the nation’s best bakers, it is no secret that the wedding cake often goes to waste or simply is not a planning priority for the bride and groom. Hence, our enthusiasm for a stacked wedding “cake” constructed entirely out of delicious cheese! If the bridal couple does not fancy the sweet and traditional, why not dish them up a little savory fromage with all the appropriate accoutrement?

Displayed and served during the cocktail reception is sure to get everyone’s attention when they are fresh and, well, attentive to the details. But also, from an event designer’s stand point, this stunning concept dresses up a classic food station in a charming fashion. You can keep the cheeses available the whole evening for guests to snack on, roll them out after dinner on mahogany cheese carts, or serve them at an intimate after hours party.

wedding cake made with cheese wheels tasha seccombe

If this concept of a wedding cake intrigues you as much as it does us, check out these other examples of the foodie trend below for a little more inspiration.

wedding cakes made with cheese wheels evantine design blog

{Photo credits: Tasha Seccombe; Tasha Seccombe; Braebourne Farms; Emmaline Bride, Aneta Mak}