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Dear Brian,

How do you thank someone for creating MAGIC !! ?? I could use every adjective known to mankind and still not be able to properly convey my OVERWHELMING  JOY for what YOU and your MAGNIFICENT TEAM had created for our daughter’s wedding. The sheer amount of flowers was enough to overwhelm anyone. There is not one single solitary person that did not say with dropped jaw how EXQUISITE they were. Lauren had said from the very beginning more flowers than people and you granted her wish and so much more !!

It’s every parent wish that their child’s wedding is all they had dreamed of but no one has ever seen a wedding as STUNNINGLY OUTRAGEOUSLY  BEAUTIFUL as ours !!! I wanted the whole world to see what an AMAZING JOB you had done !! I have been on cloud nine remembering all that was created on that MAGICAL DAY and I know it was all done in a DAY which is even more crazy to think about!!! YOUR LOVE SHOWED THROUGH !!!

How you could make something so ROMANTIC and GORGEOUS in one short day is unbelievable !!! To walk up the aisle and see that beautiful white platform with that INCREDIBLE chuppah dripping in flowers and bling and sit down and see the garden chairs with flowers cascading down was every girl’s dream, and then to walk up to cocktail hour and see EVERYTHING including the Bars, the Furniture the custom Ice Displays was actually just building to the moment when we walked into the foyer and saw the AMAZING Escort Card Table !! But the moment the ballroom doors opened it all felt like a DREAM !!! I mean who gets to have a ballroom totally transformed into ROMANTIC LOVE !! I can’t begin to express the emotion that came over me!!! It was like OUT OF THIS WORLD BEAUTIFUL !!! The floral arrangements were beyond our WILDEST EXPECTATIONS only to be displayed on the beautiful linens outlined with fabulous chairs but the crystals hanging so perfectly over the dance floor was just MAGICAL !!!!!! And if that wasn’t enough the crystal dripped bar and diamond tufted furniture just sent shock waves !!! How SAD I was to have it end so quickly only to be ELECTRIFIED to walk into Club DeMarco !!! It was the PERFECT END to a FAIRYTALE WEDDING !!!!!!

I know there is NO ONE who can hold a candle to you and your TALENT !! To be able to know what was in our hearts and actually create it is GENIUS !!! You TRULY ARE THE BEST and I will be forever GRATEFUL and THANKFUL for all you have done !!! I will MISS YOU and will ALWAYS SPEAK HIGHLY of YOU !!!!!! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for all your BLOOD SWEAT and TEARS !!!

Love, Jill R.

To the whole Evantine team,

Wow. Words cannot describe how thrilled I was with the incredible event you put together for us at the Hyatt at The Bellevue. It was truly beyond anything I had imagined – and I imagined something pretty great, to begin with! Every detail was carefully considered. Each touch so perfectly captured our taste and the feeling we wanted for the whole night. The room design was drop-dead gorgeous as was the Rose Garden. It takes my breath away just thinking about it now.

But beyond the aesthetics, it was all your hard work and dedication that made the weekend possible. You took so much time to get to know me and my family and your understanding of my taste came through in every detail. It’s so clear that you are all passionate about and very good at your jobs. It was truly a pleasure working with you. I’ll miss talking to you and sending emails all the time! Please pass along Jason’s and my personal thanks and gratitude to every individual on your team who spent their hours making this event possible. Especially, Kye and Tim – we would have been lost without them on Saturday. They worked their butts off for us and our bridal party and all with a smile and a sense of humor!

We would be thrilled to have you use any material from our event for your PR. I can’t sing your praises enough and will do anything you need to facilitate. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude in a few sentences, but for now, a gushing email written from my layover in the Miami airport will have to do! I hope we can work together again in the future – maybe Jason’s 30th?

 All my love and thanks, Samantha S.

Dear Team Evantine,

Thank you so much for all of your magnificent recommendations, designs, planning, organizing and execution of Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah! It was truly beyond what I could have ever imagined. There was not a detail left undone. It was just PERFECT! Brian is truly a creative genius. The graphic art designs were unbelievable! The flowers, tables, linens, gift boxes and of course custom dance floor were incredible! I truly feel honored to have had the privilege of working with all of you and seeing what artistic talent truly is. Thank you for making Rachel’s day the most special and a memory we will never forget.

Fondly, Bill, Bonnie and Rachel W.

Dear Brian and Dean,

You are simply wonderful! We so often think of our wedding day, and the amazing celebration we shared with our family and friends. Just having celebrated our one year anniversary, not a wedding memory goes by that we do not fondly think of Evantine Design. It was an absolute pleasure and honor to work with you both, and your incredibly talented team.

Our wedding day was a celebration so far beyond our expectations. We so greatly appreciate, and continue to appreciate, the time, help, effort, and talent put into creating the perfect celebration for us. Your creation was a one-of-a-kind experience that we, our families, and our friends will forever cherish. Thank you so much for creating a beautiful beginning to our new life together.

Sincerely, Jimmy and Samantha

Hi Brian,

Magnificent isn’t a strong enough adjective. When you did Julie’s wedding 4 1/2 years ago there was never a question for Barbara and me that you would do Hillary’s. I had a hard time imagining the same room could be done more tastefully elegant than what you did at Julie’s wedding. I was wrong. This one was even better. Your attention to every detail is incredible. Working with a person who is so professional makes what can be a stressful project into an enjoyable experience. I’m lucky Barbara hadn’t known you when we did Julie and Hillary’s Bat mitzvahs. She would have forced me to have more kids! You have provided us with memories that all of us will cherish for our lifetimes. We are both very grateful. Again, many thanks to you.

Sincerely, Barbara and David

Dear Team Evantine,

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done over these last months and especially yesterday. The wedding was absolutely magical and your efforts and presence were so appreciated. Thank you for making everything so special. Again, words cannot express our gratitude to you. We’ve been told it was the most beautiful wedding, and that was due primarily to you.

Thanks so much, Michael W.

Dear Brian,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating a magnificent and magical wedding canopy for Sara and Adam’s ceremony. You really succeeded in bringing the outdoors inside! I don’t believe anyone at the wedding had seen such a magnificent chuppah – EVER! We were all thrilled to experience their marriage ceremony in such a beautiful and specially-crafted personal space. Even the smell of the beautiful vines lingers in our memories. The room décor was also magnificent! The only word that even comes close to describing your work. The beauty of the floral arrangements and the seemingly limitless variety of flowers, berries, and vines was just incredible.

We were all overwhelmed by, and remain so very appreciative of, your work and talent. Thank you for your candor throughout the decision-making process. You understood Sara’s vision for the wedding from start-to-finish. She was, quite frankly, “blown away!” with what you created for her. You designed for her the PERFECT wedding environment which makes us so very grateful. One word sums it all up – WOW! We thank you again for everything you and your team did to create such beauty for Sara and Adam’s wedding. We look forward to working with you again.

Warmly, Barbara and Howard


Thank you doesn’t begin to say how amazing last night’s event was. You surpassed my wildest dreams and expectations. The event was like a fairytale and every single detail was perfect! Your staff was unbelievable and both kids and adults had a great evening. Thank you for making my dreams a reality.

With admiration, Kimberli B.

Dear Team Evantine,

I wanted to thank you for being such amazing partners! I so appreciate your generosity when it comes to talent, passion, humor, and positivity! Today would have never happened without you and I love that you were a part of such a transformational day for Philadelphia University. Evantine has supported so many of our milestone moments – and this being the most impactful and important – that all of you begin to feel like part of the community/family. I am extremely grateful for you and all you did.

Hugs, Lauren Carney Philadelphia University


I am catatonic with fatigue from last night’s most joyous festivities (and about to depart for Italy!) so I will keep this brief but my goodness, WOW! Thank you so so very much for creating true magic last night. We and all of our guests were enchanted by the most exquisite design I have EVER seen. Period. I walked in and was over-joyed. You took our vague ideas and made them into magnificence! I will always treasure the memories of celebrating our marriage in the most awe-inspiring setting amidst such delicate, verdant, whimsical, romantic decor. It was utter perfection. Thank you again!

Fondly, Julia Pudlin