Design Studio

Welcome to the Evantine Experience


There are florists and there are party planners. And then there’s Evantine Design. Working with us is unlike anything else you’ve experienced.

From the moment you walk through the door and into our Design Studio, the world stops and creativity blooms. As the heart of our design process, the Design Studio was specifically designed to calm your spirit, inspire your creativity, and focus your energy on the event you’re celebrating. Think of it as your own private party oasis.

The studio is also where we get to know you, how you live, what you love, and what you envision for your event in the most specific detail possible. We want, and need, to know everything.

It’s here, in the Design Studio, that we craft a completely custom, multifaceted and transformative experience just for you.


After our meet and greet, we take you on a walking tour of the production facility. With over 50,000 square feet of production space, it’s an experience guaranteed to entertain and inspire! You’ll walk past the business offices and conference rooms, through the bustling production office and into the large floral studio or, “flower room,” as we affectionately call it. Beyond, are the painting and art production areas, fabric and sewing rooms, wood and fabrication shop, tabletop and chair rental showrooms, style room, general warehouse, greenhouses, and flower gardens. The warehouse is filled to the ceiling with custom fabricated furniture, theatrical props, lighting elements, drapery, linens, landscape materials, scenic backdrops, vases and containers, tabletop and food service pieces, antiques and collectibles, candles and votives, as well as other decorative accessories from around the world. Other than the “Wow!” that we hear when our clients first step inside the warehouse, the next comment usually expressed is “this place is so organized!” and it is. It must be. And that’s exactly how your event will be too.
What's Next

Art really does meet function here at Evantine Design. After your visit, we prepare an initial estimate of costs. Once approved, we get to work planning and designing your event right down to the last thoughtful detail. Site inspections, conceptual drawings, floor plans and menu tastings, gown fittings, production meetings, and all manner of fun, collaborative party planning ensues for months on end. Soon enough, you’ll be back at the design studio to experience a mini-version of your event. This is where the magic happens and the momentum explodes! Are you ready for your own Evantine Experience? Schedule your visit.