Planning Your Wedding, Down to the Minute

December 8, 2021 ,
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Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Our business is creating unforgettable experiences, one event at a time. One beautiful moment at a time. And, just in case you didn’t know, Evantine Design is unique in that we offer both full-service event and wedding planning services right alongside our renowned floral and event design services. We do it all because that’s how we know we can not only meet your expectations but EXCEED them. Unbelievable art and creative talent are not enough. A successful celebration must also have precisely planned and professionally managed logistics. That’s what we do at Evantine Design, and have for over 35 years! 

We Plan Weddings

We particularly love planning, designing, and producing weddings as they are such wonderfully emotional and joyous gatherings. Weddings have a way of opening hearts and uplifting spirits. That hope is contagious, isn’t it?! For the bridal couple, their families, and friends, as well as their other wedding guests. It’s that incredible, positive energy that inspires us to craft a celebration that is not only visually stunning to see, but also thoughtful and personal in every carefully planned detail.

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We guide you through the entire planning process, ensuring your style is consistently woven through every aspect of the wedding. From the venue to each location needed for each segment of the celebration, to the invitations, ceremony setting, gowns and attire, photography, videography, florals, decor, food and beverage, music, entertainment, production, cakes, welcome gifts, favors, and thank you notes. As well as all the zillions of details in between! Including some insightful and inspired ideas, all based on us getting to know you and your dream wedding goals. All of which get expertly captured into timelines, budgets, and production schedules.

As Brian Kappra says, “all the special moments don’t just happen perfectly by themselves, we plan them down to the minute!”

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Combining Creativity and Logistics

It’s all one spectacular orchestration of both creativity and logistics! Now, tell us, how can we help you bring your wedding vision to life? 

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Senior Event Planner, Emily Archbold, Event Manager, Diane Schaffer, and Creative Director, Brian Kappra – with photo by Tyler Boye Photography