Shelby’s Dance Party Bat Mitzvah

January 4, 2019 , , Melissa Paul
club theme bat mitzvah party

Welcome to Shelby’s Dance Party Celebration!

When we first met Shelby seven years ago {{GULP}} she made sure to show us her dance moves. No doubt we had to make sure we created a fabulous dance floor and club environment for her bat mitzvah celebration! Which we did, by jazzing up the Water Works with cool lounge furniture, electric lighting, and modern flowers. Welcome to the Shelby Zone!

And guess what? Not only did Shelby kill it on the dance floor with her solo dance performance. But she kept the dance floor hopping all night long! What a talented young lady! Mazel tov Shelby!

{Photos courtesy of mkPhoto}

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Shelby’s Mom thanking Creative Director, Brian Kappra