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Electric Blue Hydrangea – 3 Ways

May 14, 2019 ,

Electric Blue Hydrangea

We love the look of big, bold, electric blue hydrangeas in floral arrangements. The large, vibrant hydrangea blooms amplify the effect of all the other flowers included in the bouquet. In fact, just two or three of these blue hydrangea blooms are able to rev up the composition to powerful heights! Our clients love them for the wow! effect they have as not many truly blue flowers exist out there. Certainly, none with this intensity! Of course, an entire bouquet of these blue beauties is a spectacular display.  They’re guaranteed to blow the socks off anyone who sees them in person, whether in a lush centerpiece on your dining room table or delivered by special order to someone you love.

3 Ways We Designed Bouquets with Electric Blue Hydrangea

Having just received a delivery of blue hydrangea, our floral designers thought it might be helpful to show you how they used them. Whether contrasted against soft whites, ivories, and pale greens, or set against deep reds, garnets, and pinks, we know you’ll love how dramatic deep blue hydrangea can be! Let us know which bouquet you loved the most, or maybe, how the compositions have inspired you. Enjoy!

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Bouquet 1 pairs the blue Hydrangea with the rich reds of Peonies and Gloriosa Lilies. Yellow Roses and Protea add depth, as does the modern container.

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Bouquet 2 embraces an unstructured, garden-style display using many Spring tones with the bright blue. Flowering branches, Cymbidum Orchids, Lilies, Hosta Leaves, and Protea add texture and tone.

Blue Hydrandea Protea Clematis Floral Arrangements for Delivery Philadelphia

Bouquet 3 keeps things low and tight, letting the bold mophead hydrangeas steel the show. Delicate, whimsy Clematis peeps out here and there.

Floral design by Team Evantine – Center City Philadelphia. 215-492-8545 for questions and fresh floral delivery orders.