Even Dinner Tables Need Dress Rehearsals by Event Designer Brian Kappra

November 6, 2013 ,
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Event Designers Philadelphia Evantine Design Warehouse

My design team and I endeavor to bring inspirational ideas and entertaining concepts to each event design, creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional. Which means, in addition to understanding the project goal and interpreting the client’s needs and tastes, careful logistical planning is a must for every party design we produce. Even for the floral designs and decorative tablescapes we create on a weekly basis. We NEVER arrive at a party space and wing the set up. NEVER. No stone is left unturned; no tactical solution is left unaddressed. We know exactly what we have to work with and back that planning up with sketches, floor plans, photographs, and diagrams. (not to mention LISTS!)

If that requires setting up a 50 foot long table like we did above to confirm the overriding big picture design, as well as how all the decorative accessories and floral materials play a part, so be it. Even dinner tables need dress rehearsals.

No matter how busy you are as a party professional, nothing takes precedence over careful planning.