DESIGN NOTES: It’s All in the Details

August 29, 2013 ,
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Similar to interior design, we believe a well-designed event space is more than pretty things covered in pretty colors. It encompasses layer after layer of subtle elements that, when presented as a whole, manage to evoke emotion and connection in the guests attending. In essence, a well-designed party is well-designed BECAUSE of the details carefully selected and precisely placed in the setting.

At Evantine Design, we live for the details. In fact, we have 50,000 square feet of warehouse space just to house all of the accessories, linens, votives, frames, trims, fabrics, chairs, containers, vessels, and other decorative elements in our event planning arsenal. We’re devoted to details!


For a recent garden-inspired charity gala we designed here in Philadelphia, the prestigious Ball on The Square, we took our design inspiration from the formal gardens found in Rittenhouse Square. As noted in a previous post on the gala, this year’s ball was a celebration of Paul Philippe Cret, the French-American architect who designed the formal gardens in the Victorian-era city park back in 1913.

Wrapping the whole event design concept around the beauty of Cret’s formal gardens, we layered classic stone urns, weathered gold frames and vintage silver vessels with metallic sequin linens, airy glass chargers and swirl etched glass hurricanes. Whimsical garden statues and formal sculptures, including frogs, angels and mermaids, were used organically throughout the party tent. Even the table top service pieces, such as the flatware, coffee service and salt and pepper shakers, were carefully selected to blend into the whole elegant garden party aesthetic using classic sterling silver.  Menus, signage and place cards were designed with artwork celebrating the Victorian architecture the historic park is known for.

To see some of the decorative pieces we wove through the gala’s event design, take a look below at these wonderful images from our friend, photographer Casey Rodgers.



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Creative Event Lighting Evantine Design



Linens Ball on the Square Evantine Design

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Event Details Evantine Design



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