In the Make, Magic Happens

February 1, 2018 ,

It’s time to share some LOVE.

At Evantine Design, we’ve done many spectacular, crazy, over-the-top parties at The Rittenhouse since the  hotel’s pre-opening party way back when. And just to make sure you clearly understand that timeframe, that’s thirty years of designing events and weddings in the iconic Philadelphia hotel. THIRTY years, people. 3-0.

This wedding was something else.

Here, in this cool, 2 minute recap video, you get to share in the experience of transforming the space. It’s The Rittenhouse ballroom as you have NEVER seen it before. Mike and Mary Lou’s celebration brought out all the glamour stops and more! Just the kind of event we love to sink our collective teeth into! Even I can’t get over the transformation of the room and you KNOW I have seen a lot! But to get to peek under the Evantine skirt a bit, and see behind-the-scenes as each part of the team works their part to bring Mike and Mary Lou’s dream wedding to life, is beautiful.

Beyond the stunning visual design that came to life throughout the space, was the SPECTACULAR job our incredible team who did all the  planning and management of this event. We orchestrated an amazing wedding experience for our bride and groom, right down to the last tiny detail (and with our events, you know there were many). And our very own Event Stylist & Coordinator, the amazing Paige Dietz, was there too, tweaking and finessing! Together with the rest of #TeamEvantine, no one could be prouder or more inspired than me.

More than us.

Collaboration is everything. Beginning with the clients, themselves. Thank you Mike and Mary Lou. You inspired us to challenge ourselves and others.

And, while we might have planned and designed their wedding celebration, we didn’t do it on our own. Get ready, it’s time to gush about all the other creative professionals who participated in the making of this event.

Special thanks go out to our talented friends at Starlight Orchestra who always make us look SO smart for recommending them to clients! In their own glamorous, professional and thrilling way—they kept the dance floor full ALL NIGHT LONG. Pure ENERGY in the coolest way possible.

And then there is Lanay Zarallo and her team at The Rittenhouse who addressed our every request, followed up on every detail, and was the glue that held the night together.

Our friends at CinemaCake worked their usual magic too, not only documenting the day for the clients, but for us as well. As artists and creators, we, too, need to relive the beauty that we created for the occasion. There’s love there. There’s passion and dedication multiplied by 1000! So, kudos to Dave Williams and his crew.

Certainly, the photographs of this wedding from MK Photo are rockin’ awesome as well, and we intend to share oodles of them soon! So stay tuned for that as with so many to choose from, it takes us AWHILE to figure out which ones to share!

Told ya. Love ya.

As a dear friend says, “Love ya!” and I mean it. It’s a bit of a love fest here at the start of February, but I’m filled with gratitude today for the incredible individuals I get to work with in this event industry. How lucky I feel, with all of the magnificent events we create week-to-week, to still be AMAZED and THRILLED at what we do as a team!


Brian Kappra, President & Creative Director