PARTIES: A Sparkling Holiday Dinner at the Kimmel Center

December 3, 2010 ,
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Celebrating the season in the Hamilton Rooftop Garden at the Kimmel Center, with its dynamic glass dome ceiling and sparkling city views, is a true show-stopping experience.

 [Photos courtesy of Paul Loftland]

Having designed countless events and parties at the Kimmel Center over the years, including the grand opening, we’ve certainly grown to love its modern splendor and fondly regard it as one of the most sensational venues in Philadelphia.  So much so, that when a local law firm asked for an “amazing location” with “architectural presence” for their holiday dinner, well, truth be told, we could only think of one.   The Hamilton Rooftop Garden located on top of the Perelman Theater located INSIDE of the Kimmel Center.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The genius of the Kimmel Center is that there is a collection of individual theaters, spaces, rooms and halls placed under a giant glittering glass bell.  Almost as if you’d walked into a modern snow globe!  A fascinating architectural concept that one must see in person, perhaps at a party, to fully appreciate.

As guests arrived to the Garden, they were greeted by waiters holding trays of prosecco and pomegranate seeds.  The entire holiday menu, including artisanal cheese carts and a decadent chocolate dessert bar, was provided by Wolfgang Puck.   A two-sided bar was placed between the tall trees to be accessed all evening from one side or the other but always with a view across the expansive building interior. 

The subtle sparkle of silver sequins and crystal snowflakes added seasonal shimmer to aubergine and burgundy flowers.  Whole pomegranates, grapes and apples were nestled amongst gilded ornaments and fragrant holiday greens.  Simple silver beaded charges, burgundy beaded tassels and silver rimmed stemware added traditional shine to the table settings.

Why mess with a good thing?  We balanced the contemporary angular space with classic round dinner tables placed in a circle around a large display of polished chrome lanterns and votives.  In addition to the warm uplighting on the existing trees and planters, the lanterns and candles added that little bit of extra sparkle and reflection craved during the holiday season.  Throughout the evening different vocalists and musicians used this central floor area for performances.

The colorful, electric view of the bustling city streets below is just one of several reasons the Hamilton Rooftop Garden is on our hot list for holiday entertaining.


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