REAL STORIES: A Sexy Anniversary Celebration Under a Tent in the Backyard

August 1, 2012 ,
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When you think “backyard barbecue” this isn’t what comes to mind for most. But when you’re planning a combination 25th wedding anniversary and 21st birthday celebration, well, this at-home party has to be better than burgers on the grill. It has to be sensational.  {Photos: Paul Loftland}

From the moment guests arrived at this modern abode on the Main Line, they were greeted with sexy design and playfully-wacky details. A structural tent was carefully built across the entire backyard and over the client’s existing swimming pool. An open gable allowed the tent to appear as if an extension to the stunning contemporary architecture of the home. As the interiors of the home were filled with mid-century whites, taupes and aubergines, we designed the party tent with the same color palette. But, in typical Evantine Design fashion, we added our own signature style and glamorous touches to the design. For instance, we suspended black chandeliers over low mirror tables; white banquettes, sofas and round ottomans were paired with lucite tables and purple accessories; mirror high top community tables with lucite bar stools flanked the swimming pool; and a custom-designed cantilevered stage was made front and center for the night’s entertainment. And who provided the night’s performances? Starlight Orchestras, comedian Robert Klein, ballroom dancers, a Joan Rivers impersonator and feather-clad Vegas showgirls. Now that’s a party!

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{Above photo: EventQuip}

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