REAL STORIES: Jennifer’s “Under the Sea” Bat Mitzvah

May 19, 2009 ,
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It all started months ago, when the staff of Evantine arrived at the Design Studio but had trouble getting to their offices because of the life jackets, row boats, pails of dune grass, sea shells, rubber fish and beach balls blocking all access!  

It was just Brian up to his tricks again, putting together a design concept meeting for Jennifer’s “Under the Sea” bat mitzvah celebration.

Well, the party took place this past Saturday at Linwood Country Club down at the Jersey Shore.  Guests arrived through dune grass and beach fencing and sailed through a fabulous cocktail reception, coming upon ice treasure chests filled with cocktail shrimp, lobster and crab claws and Caribbean-inspired food stations. They sipped colorful tropical cocktails from a thatched bar complete with a stunning ice Mermaid!  The beat of Island steel drums provided the perfect soundtrack to this cruise through the islands.  But, you know how those “three hour tours” go.  Unexpectedly (for the guests), the ship sank (sorry Mrs. Howell).   Catering staff in life jackets sounded the sirens to bring all guests into the ballroom which was transformed into a spectacular under-the-sea world. 


Blue and green lighting that conveyed the movement of  water was projected onto a custom-designed dance floor.  Walls were draped in white fabric and embellished with dune grass, coral reefs and magical lighting.  On the dinner tables, dressed in shimmering aqua blue linens (“like a mermaid’s tail”), we created table-scapes complete with treasure chests filled with shells, coral, sand, jewels and tropical flowers.  Other tables sported towering glass vases filled with coral, live fish and underwater flowers.  Completing the tables were tall reef scuptures dripping with seaweed, flowers and fantasy elements.  

But the cherry on the sundae was the TV show “Ace of Cakes” filming the delivery of Jennifer’s sunken pirate ship-themed cake from Charm City Cakes.  Jennifer positively GLOWED with excitement!  We specifically designed the room and the dance floor so that the cake could sit in the middle of the room surrounded by glowing blue ice towers with bubbling water right out of Atlantis!!!  


It was perfect. But then, there was the fire thrower, the “Mona Lisa Candy Room”, air brushed Vans Sneakers, personalized beach chairs for each guest, and of course, the hot beach tunes by the incredible Eddie Bruce Band!   Oy, pooped just thinking about it.  But, oh, what a party!