WE LOVE: A Chuppah with a Rainbow of Blooms

May 28, 2013 ,
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Colorful Chuppah Arlene Bluestein Evantine Design

We just had to share a quick peek at the colorful floral Chuppah we designed at one of our gorgeous weddings over the holiday weekend. If the bride’s note indicates anything, we NAILED IT!

You are a brilliant, creative, mind-reading genius. THANK YOU for making the wedding of our dreams. WE LOVE YOU!” ~ Elizabeth

Together with the rest of our hard-working Evantine Team, Event Designer, Arlene Bluestein, created a vibrant celebration at the Please Touch Museum. And it all started with this happy, lush floral Chuppah!  How many people can say they were married next to a carousel? Not many. But when you’re designing a sentimental focal point to sit next to such a powerful visual,  you know you have to think BIG and BRIGHT!

Carousel Wedding Please Touch Museum Chuppah Evantine Design