ART & FUNCTION: A Warehouse filled with Party Props, Event Decor and Wedding Inspiration

May 21, 2011 ,
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party linens and props plant rental for events

We pride ourselves on serving as a creative melting pot that blends art and function into engaging experiences.  But, what’s in the secret sauce? An amazing idea for an event can come from anywhere, take any shape or form – but making that brilliant idea come to life in an inspired, efficient and organized fashion is a whole other thing.  Frankly, it’s that complete package that makes Evantine different.  But we’ve created something truly special – our homebase and #1 party design resource – the Warehouse.  Take a peek inside to see how we use it, share it and work it.  Everything we need to produce parties is right here.


No matter what, it all starts with a talented team of creative individuals. Having a diverse group of professionals, with different talents and skill sets, means there’s always someone who can be called upon to either come up with the creative spark or figure out a way to make someone else’s bright idea happen.  Lead by our fearless leader and Creative Director, Brian Kappra, the trick is to have a deep well of places, spaces, and experiences to draw from at all times.  And we have that experience from many useful angles:  theater, vocal arts, fine art, landscape design, floral design, fashion, retail, production, marketing, accounting, culinary arts and God knows what else.  It’s that type of serendipity of acquired knowledge that leads to great CREATIVE!

Brian Kappra event designer party props and plants


Sure, it’s not the sexiest box-shaped building from the outside but whoa-daddy, just wait until you see what’s inside!  Welcome to the “zone” – better known as the Showroom.  From the first moment guests step inside the front door it’s like stepping into an unexpected and surprisingly peaceful oasis.  Almost like a spa, you know, those wonderfully calm places where sight, sound, smell and touch transform the world into a beautiful place? It’s true, we hear it, OFTEN. Today, in fact. Designed to provide inspiration and focus to overwhelmed party planners, our stylish showroom sets the tone for what’s to come in the design process.

Brian Kappra Event Designer Party Props and Plant Rental

Philadelphia Party Planners Greenhouse Party Props Brian Kappra


Diving further into the showroom leads us to rooms filled with linens, stationery, party favors and current rentable tableware items, such as: stemware, barware, china, chargers and flatware from companies all around the country.

Party Linens Party Props Brian Kappra Philadelphia Weddings


From the initial spark to fleshing out the details, there’s no better playground for party planners like our “Home Depot for Parties.”  {strangely enough, something we’ve heard from several clients}.  Indeed, a jaw-dropping 50,000 square feet of meticulously kept party props, furniture, decorative elements, linens, plants and design elements await their opportunity to come out and play.  A short walk from the showroom into the warehouse leads you past floor-to-ceiling shelves of vases, vessels, containers, candles, chandeliers, lamps, thematic merchandise and endless notions.  Always changing like the tide, each new visit to the warehouse introduces new additions and fascinating combinations.  {That creative team we mentioned? They’re always figuring out clever ways to use things too.}

Brian Kappra Event Producer Philadelphia Weddings

Vases Planters Chandeliers Lounge Furniture Candelabra Candles Vessels Containers

Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah Non Profit Galas Corporate Events Greenhouse Rental


Once we’ve conceptualized and fleshed out the big picture elements it’s time to frost the cake.  In this case, the frosting represents the gorgeous floral décor that’s invariably the showpiece of every event we’re designing.

Chivari Chairs Reception Chairs Party Rentals Brian Kappra


Once the floor plans, drawings, floral designs and production elements have been nailed down and agreed to on paper – it’s time for the machine to take over with inventory, preparation, build out, scheduling and delivery.  Successful event design MUST mesh efficient production with artistic expression or it just doesn’t get to the next level.  Really and truly.

Brian Kappra Philadelphia Plant Rental Event Designers

P.S. Did we mention we have a greenhouse? or that we grow our own flowers?  No?  Next time.

[Photos courtesy of Cliff Mautner and Laura Novak]


  1. I used to work with Brian and the team at the Orchestra and the annual visit to the warehouse was always the highlight of the planning process!!! I could get lost in there for days!

  2. Amazing! I think it’s time to turn my 10 x 10 ft. storage space in Honolulu into a much larger similiar version of what you have here……I’m growing out of the 10 x 10 pretty quickly so the new digs could be just around the corner…

    Jana Heetland
    Event Design

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