BOUQUET OF THE WEEK: A White and Blush Pink Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet for Tammy’s Ritz-Carlton Wedding

Written by: Evantine Design
August 10, 2011

One of our lovely July brides chose to walk down the aisle carrying a stunning hand-tied bouquet of ivory, cream and pale pink flowers that included fragrant Stephanotis, Vendella and Lydia Roses, as well as white Dendrobium Orchids. For just a touch of sparkle to complement Tammy’s wedding gown, crystal pins were inserted …

BOUQUET OF THE WEEK: A Cascade of Magenta Purple Orchids for a Sophisticated Bride

Written by: Evantine Design
July 8, 2011

Exotic purple Phalaenopsis orchid bouquets are stunning for their vibrant magenta color and delicate cascading flowers. We gathered together multiple stems of these elegant “Moth” orchids to create a monochromatic bridal bouquet that evoked romance, mystery and sophistication for our stylish bride. The Phalaenopsis Orchid or “Phals”, as they …

BOUQUET OF THE WEEK: A Bridal Bouquet with White Stephanotis, Creamy Gardenia, Ivory Roses and Fragrant Lily of the Valley

Written by: Evantine Design
June 21, 2011

Roses are a wedding favorite because they are romantic, dramatic and, thankfully, available year round!  We blended luscious ivory roses with Lily of the Valley’s tiny bell-shaped blossoms and sweet perfume; Stephanotis, with it’s star-shaped white flowers; and velvety Gardenias that evoked luxury and …

Bridal Bouquet of the Week: Vibrant Summer Flowers in Tangerine, Orange, Coral, Cerise and Magenta

Written by: Evantine Design
April 18, 2011

:: VIBRANT TEXTURAL BRIDAL BOUQUETS THAT ARE DESIGNED FOR EACH BRIDESMAID :: Combining different types of flowers adds texture to the look of a hand-tied bouquet.  For instance, using large-headed flowers with smaller blooms nestled in between at different depths successfully creates visual impact, …

FLOWERS: A Rose by Any Other Name

Written by: Evantine Design
February 22, 2011

The ROSE is the most beloved flower on the planet, for its rounded shape, velvety petals and subtle fragrance.   Not to mention the endless array of colors that, thanks to global hybridization, keeps more shades blooming on the colorwheel.  In fact, today there are over 30,000 …