DESIGN NOTES: Suspended Candle Chuppah

August 29, 2009 ,
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We recently designed a stunning Chuppah for a sleek black and white wedding at the Four Seasons.  The bride and groom’s request was an ethereal, floating Chuppah that had not been seen before and that would represent their love from a modern perspective.  Their contemporary taste dictated that the structure be barely there; no fussy flowers or fabric treatments for this high style couple! 

Our design solution?  We created a Chuppah which consisted of 365 candles, representing the love they would share every day, suspended from aircraft cable, all hung at exactly the same precise level over the bride and groom.  A magical, flickering canopy of candlelight bathed them in a beautiful romantic glow.

While we love floral ceremonies as much as anyone (BIGTIME!), there is something to be said for a design which creates a hushed WOW and spiritual goosebumps at the same time.  We believe that a ceremony should “embrace” the congregation in warmth, love and atmosphere.  This very special occasion of watching someone you love and care about pledge themselves to their true love deserves the most sensitive design approach possible.  We love challenges!


The Rabbi spoke about the magnificent Chuppah for over two minutes during the ceremony!  With beautiful candlelight tones of dappled lighting projected onto the draped white walls and the wide aisle, the entire room had the effect of being lit by hundreds of warm candles.  He was extremely moved and felt the heightened sense of wonder our Chuppah created for the bride and groom.  Needless to say, we were too!  Mazel Tov!


  1. This is amazing!!!!!! Please email me to let me know how much this costs, and if you’d come to NY. WOW!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment Rachel! We do work in NY whenever schedules permit. I would be happy to chat with you in more detail on pricing and project scope. Please send me an email or give a call… happy planning!

  3. It’s pleasant to look over keen commentary instead of the exact same, old opinion vomit that i typically see on the internet!

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