Get to Know Senior Event Planner, Emily Archbold

April 15, 2019 , , Melissa Paul

Introducing Emily Archbold, Senior Event Planner with Evantine Design

Exciting news! We’re happy to announce that Emily Archbold has joined Evantine Design! We’ve been planning spectacular events with Emily since 2009 while she held prestigious event planning positions at The Logan Philadelphia and The Bellevue Hotel. Now, we’re honored to welcome Emily to Team Evantine! 

Emily’s extensive knowledge of food and beverage is awe-inspiring, and her ability to immerse herself in every detail, no matter how challenging, is her secret to orchestrating a successful party. 

To know Emily Archbold is to know she’s always happy to talk about weddings and events all day, every day! But we would also like you to get to know Emily as a person, what she loves and where she finds inspiration. Let’s get started… introducing, Emily Archbold.

Rumor has it, Emily, you got married recently? 

Yes! Just a year ago this month I celebrated my own wedding! Many people in the Philadelphia event industry know me as Emily Elling, my maiden name, but now, you can call me Mrs. Archbold! 

Before you started working at Evantine Design, where did you work?

I worked as a Senior Event Manager for The Logan Philadelphia, and prior to that, The Bellevue. In those roles, I was responsible for working with clients from the start/booking of the event, right through to managing the actual event. Since 2008, I’ve been fortunate to work with over 200 couples’ wedding celebrations and countless other special events. 

Since college, I’ve worked in four hotels and have spent time in just about all hotel departments — front desk, restaurants, housekeeping (I can do a mean hospital corner for bed sheets), and of course, catering and events. 

While at the University of Central Florida (go Knights!) I worked at Disney in the Magic Kingdom. I wore the worst “costume” (think Christmas green pleated shorts and an embroidered blouse – OMG! puh-lease) and yet it was by far the greatest foundation for learning about the creating a hospitality experience. The best I could ever have. 

Where did you grow up?

South Jersey, but I left to attend the University of Central Florida and then ended up coming back home to Philadelphia. Family, friends and having four actual seasons couldn’t keep me away for too long. Currently, we live in Westmont, nestled right between Haddonfield and Collingswood, New Jersey.

Do you have a favorite local restaurant you go to all the time?

We usually keep it casual with coal-fired pizza at Bricco. It’s a BYO neighborhood spot and I normally order the Stinger pizza. I’m hungry just thinking about it. Let me share with you what a “stinger” is: buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, spicy soppressata, honey, basil, and mint. Is YOUR mouth watering yet?

What would you say you’re known for, professionally?

Strong attention to details and a calm demeanor in any situation. But perhaps I’m most known as having the ability to get along with just about everyone. I think that’s one of the main factors that led me to the hospitality industry. 

What do you have a natural knack for?

Specifically, at work, I’d say having patience and being pretty even-keeled. Coworkers have often joked that they don’t know the difference between me having a stressful day or an easy, carefree day as I don’t necessarily show it when I’m stressed. Personally speaking, I love hosting, entertaining and helping others and find it all comes easily to me.

Do you have a favorite type of event?  

Well, this is easy, weddings! It’s amazing to help couples plan their first, real event as a couple. Working with their families to plan and execute such a significant event, merging families, is always rewarding. I like to think of it as helping people make memories. 

Professionally, what are you most passionate about?  

Celebrations. Life is short, I think it’s so important to celebrate all moments, big and small. One of the things I love most about planning special events is learning the traditions surrounding different cultures, religions, and just families in general. Similar to traveling, it’s personally rewarding to experience life and culture different from my own.

What are you personally most passionate about?

My husband, of course! But also, I have become pretty passionate about wine. In just a few weeks we will be sitting for our sommelier exam!

But I almost must share my passion for traveling! There’s so much to see and experience! I find it very humbling to be able to see different parts of our world. I also love doing the research before a trip… excel spreadsheets, anyone? 

Last but not least, our Bernedoodle puppy, Hilde, and our two nephews bring so much happiness! In fact, Hilde even has her own Instagram page! Check out @Hilde_doodle_do and make sure to follow the cuteness! 

Why do you LOVE Philadelphia?

The food scene! The arts and culture. The amazing, central location for getting to New York City, Washington DC, and so many other destinations. As well as, the great people. The City of Brotherly Love is alive and well!

You mentioned your love for traveling, what’s your fondest travel memory?

Meeting my longtime friend, Samantha from England while playing in the pool on vacation with my family. We met as little kids, exchanged addresses and were instant, and long-term pen pals. To this day, decades later, we stay in touch and have visited each other numerous time. She and her Mum were guests at our wedding. All because of traveling. 

Name a song you know is guaranteed to get guests dancing…

Can’t name just one! Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody” is great and also makes for a great karaoke song after a few drinks in the after party. Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” is also amazing, especially when the band performing it has a fantastic brass section. But really, anything Motown is going to get the crowd up from their tables and dancing the night away!

On the morning after a big wedding or event you’ve planned, where can we find you?

Probably walking to downtown Collingswood with my husband John to our favorite scratch kitchen brunch spot, Constellation Collective. 

Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure we should know about?

The Royal Family and all things British. I’m a bit (or a lot) of an Anglophile. Oh, and ice cream. My top three flavors: Mint Chocolate Chip, Talenti Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, and Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.  

What can’t you live without?

Sparkling water and a fresh manicure. Currently, I’m wearing OPI’s Dutch Tulips as the tulips at my house just started to bloom this week. And, a Summer visit to northern Lake George, New York. I’ve been going to the lake every summer of my life and now, my parents live there. 

Do you have a mantra that motivates you?

“Don’t worry, be happy.” I even have a print of it that I keep on my desk. 

Anything else we should know about you, Emily?

A few years ago after working an Evantine event I came home and said: “one day, I want to work for Brian Kappra at Evantine Design.” And here we are. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the team!

Welcome to Evantine Design, Emily! We’re thrilled to have you on board!