Groom’s Cake Ideas

July 8, 2009 ,
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Looking at the various wedding magazines and tv shows where fantastic cakes are carved and built with great skill, we thought we might share one of the best we’ve seen in our corner of the world. Below is a photograph taken by Stacey Kane at a wedding we did together at Appleford Estate in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

In true Southern tradition, the bride decided to have a surprise groom’s cake presented to her new husband at the wedding reception.  From the get-go there was absolutely no doubt what the cake would be; an exact replica of the groom’s beloved childhood dog Tripp.  The surprise was successful and the groom and his entire family were incredibly emotional about the tribute.  The cake was the ROCK STAR of the evening and the dance floor was filled with paparazzi rather than dancers for a good 20 minutes until we took the cake away.  But it was TOO life-like for dessert service.

Needless to say, no one had the stomach to nibble on Tripp or his bowl of Kibble.  The cake was enthusiastically and fabulously created by Truli Confectionary Arts.



  1. That cake is soooooo life like. Great, great job.I can understand why they couldn’t “nibble” on Tripp.

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