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August 5, 2009 ,
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We have received many fabulous messages regarding the groom’s cake we showed a few weeks ago and people are asking to see some of our favorite wedding cakes.  So we went through some of our event folders and found wonderful examples of special wedding cakes which captured the design theme of each particular wedding.  Enjoy!


Sylvia Weinstock created this absolutely gorgeous cake for a wedding we designed in Philadelphia at The Westin Hotel.  The coral peonies on the cake were a nod to the real coral peonies which the bride carried in her bouquet and the textured appliques on the surface of the cake reflect the exact lace appliques on the bride’s gown.


The Hotel duPont created this sculptural modern cake.  We provided the Lucite risers between the layers which gave the effect of them floating.


This masterpiece, created by Truli Confectionary Arts, more than surpassed our request for a cake which reflected the gorgeous garden setting for this tented wedding!  The hummingbirds and butterflies floating around the cake were amazing.  Every flower on this cake was made using photographs taken of the client’s gardens the year prior and in the weeks prior to the wedding.

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This stunner by Sylvia Weinstock for a wedding at The Four Seasons captured the essence of the delicate white and blush color scheme of our decor.


Yet another amazing cake from Sylvia at Winterthur Estate that captured the organic garden design. We placed the cake on a rustic table covered in live mood moss and ferns.


A simple country cake, provided by Sweet Jazmine’s, in a simple rustic setting. (If you call 250 unique chairs, farm tables, antique place settings and a huge, beautiful tent, simple!)


We will end with a close-up of this recent cake for a Four Seasons wedding. Look at the detail on the Orchids, the Ranunculus and the Cherry Blossoms.  (cake by Truli Confectionary Arts).  The talented artists who create these works of art are a special breed and we applaud their efforts and their work.  We have so many more photos of great cakes which we will continue to share as time goes on.  Until then, have a little something sweet yourselves…


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  2. We love RTs! by all means… share away! love to have you follow us @evantinedesign for future posts as well! thanks so much!

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