Camping Under the Stars, A Bat Mitzvah

April 1, 2010 , , Evantine Design
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Ah, FINALLY, plenty of sunshine and blue skies before us!  Makes us think Spring will be short-lived and Summer is just around the corner!  Before we head out to enjoy this gorgeous weather, we thought we’d share photos from one of our favorite parties EVER!

The occasion:  A Bat Mitzvah.  The theme:  Summer Camp. It’s certainly not hard to guess why our sweet young client would want her “kids only” celebration to be themed around her favorite thing in the world SUMMER CAMP!  Who wouldn’t want to share the fun foods, non-stop activities, rustic warmth, and campfire tales?

The only problem, this “summer camp” needed to open on a chilly day in November. But when you crank up the heat and provide plenty of “sunshine” through the lighting it starts to feel a bit warmer all-around.  We created a tree-lined entrance of Birch and Pine trees, rocks, logs, stumps, wildflowers, lanterns, vintage athletic equipment and tents to convey the mood.  How to do seating cards?  Toasted marshmallows roasting on an “open fire” worked just fine.  [Yes, we were toasting marshmallows in our studio the day before the event. No, thankfully, they didn’t eat them.]

One of our Adirondack tables held a traditional-yet-personalized sign-in book we designed with illustrations, photos and birch paper for the guest of honor.  A birdhouse held camp patches and a moss-covered box held feather-tipped wooden pencils.

We had a blast selecting the various activities, games and favors to best work into the Summer Camp vibe.  With our creative fires stoked, literally, we were able to find some fabulous activities and games to keep the 145 kids occupied for almost two hours as they enjoyed kid-friendly food and drink.  Canoes were filled with soda, the Camp Canteen served burgers-n-fries and waiters served fresh veggies.  Sunflowers in old tin pails were placed on a farm table for a woodsy dog-n-beans station.

The activities included virtual reality rollercoasters, waterskiing and tennis, airbrush and tattoo artists, photo booths and digital photo screens, vintage t-shirt pillows and a wall of arcade games.  One of the most popular activities was our Etch-a-Sketch artist who created on-the-fly caricatures of the kids on mini take home etch-a-sketch boards.

But the night was falling FAST on the mountain and it was time to move the kids along to the forest for dinner and dancing under the stars!

Did we go outside?  Oh no.  Waayyyy too cold and windy for that.  Instead, we took our country club ballroom and draped it in fiber optic curtain to create a magical, star-filled night.  Then we filled with room with wooden picnic tables, towering pine trees, lanterns and summer flowers.  The few adults attending were spared the “fun” of sitting on picnic tables and were seated at one long wooden table with ladder back chairs.    Place settings for all included twig flatware, mason jars, tin plates, twig-wrapped napkins and grapevine candy baskets.  [Of course, no real flames were used anywhere for obvious reasons.]

After dinner was served, the live entertainment began!  DJ, check.  Emcee, check.  Gaggles of dancers, check.

Our Hoola Hoop performer amazed the kids (and us!) with her crazy, daring and spellbinding show!  Then, she pulled a whole bunch of excited kids onto the floor!  We know we have been successful when we see young people, up on the dance floor, having a good time, making fools of themselves, and absolutely loving it! 

The kids were fascinated by the birthday cake which depicted only SOME of our client’s favorite camp activities – sailing, tennis, baseball, canoeing, biking, and music. Our favorite part of the cake was the light up campfire on top!  Thank you so much Pink Cake Box!

Just when they thought the party was over, time to get their goody bags filled with all the STUFF (like custom made s’more’s kits, embroidered sweats, etc) WHAMMO!  An arctic wind blew into the room signaling the end of the summer fun and hinting that a room full of Winter surprises awaited…… stay tuned.  Much more to share.

Photos: Phil Kramer.  Catering: Leslie Rosen Catering.  Location:  Meadowlands Country Club.  Cake: Pink Cake Box


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